32.2lb mirror from Patts Pool White Acres

32.2lb carp out of patts pool white acres, Loads of people filling it in with boilies and carp crashing everywhere but no one caught. I turn up for my first night, lose one in the night and wake up ...

A 17 year old catches… 31lb “The Pyman”

Lakelands Fishery, Witham, Essex “The Pyman” Was caught on a d-rig I had made for the session a few days before, I had nailed this beautiful mirror on a size 8 chod hook Kamakura with around 7 ...

42lb 4oz caught from Furzebury Carp Lakes.

We booked onto Furzebury carp lakes in South Molton, in Devon. Set in the County side, surrounded by woodlands and green fields. It offers the angler the best carp fishing in all of the south west. ...

The 25lb Football from Pavyotts Mill

Well guys, I was back up pavyotts mills fishery with my new 9ft sceptre rods complements of my new team, rod Hutchinson. I've been busting to get a fish on them since they arrived Friday, but it was ...

29lb 7oz Common from Sandhurst

Hi there, Here is the 29lb 7oz common that I had from sandhurst. It was caught on sticky baits 12mm signature pop up over an offering of Manilla 16mm freezer boilies. Was on a gravel spot around 12 ...

35.8 common 30.4 mirror from brakes pit

Hi There my name is brad Kendall and I live in Colchester essex. I’ve been thinking about joining a club called caps for few years but have been to busy on another lake to worry about joining, but ...

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