9 Fish Haul to 27.5lb including a Snow Carp of 18lb @ Six Islands Wisbech

Just got back from a 48hr at willowcroft on the 6 islands lake in wisbeach Cambridge 3 to 5 dec

18lb snow carp



Weather was horrendous, rain but right off the bat I was in to a 10lb mirror.

Lots of other small doubles kept me busy until Thursday afternoon, landing a 27.5 mirror I was over the moon. Nothing else happened throughout the night and was awoken to snow landing on the bivvy. 3 inches dumped, all the time knowing we had to pack up by 11. At 9.30am I had just made a joke to my friend how much id love to catch in the snow and just like that my left rod went off. 18lb snow carp!!

My fingers hurt so much but had to be sure of a few decent pics.

All caught using the korda spinner hooks on stiff boom. Whittled down, washed out creme seed pop ups


Jack Greenough


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