The Lake That Time Forgot – Luke Stevenson

Carp angling has changed drastically over the last few decades, with access to young, fast-growing fish more prevalent than ever, there’s very little in the way of adventure, harking back to times gone by for those that want to seek it. To rekindle some of that nostalgia, you’d have to stumble across somewhere which hasn’t been affected by the stocking of new bloodlines, somewhere time has literally forgotten… Luke Stevenson was lucky enough to find himself on such a venue, and during the spring of this year, amassed an incredible amount of beautiful, unique carp. Stocked decades ago, and barely fished for in that time, it was a venue Luke felt privileged to even set foot on, let alone go about his fishing on his own terms, steadily reaping the rewards as he always does. Sit back and listen to Luke relay his story, as he gives a blow by blow account of his time on the incredible pit.

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