Zig Fishing with Henry Lennon

Host Hassan Khan is joined by Henry Lennon for an early summer session at Nash Lakes Royston, with a specific focus on Wood Lake, a lake with incredible depths and a great stock of carp to go at 🎣

The focus of this episode; Zig fishing, a method that Henry himself honed at Royston… we’re on for a sure thing here right?! 👀
With Henry and Hassan both choosing different methods in which to approach zig fishing, this episode showcases how to use each method, the positives and the drawbacks of each as they try and get amongst some of Royston’s finest carp.

🤔 How to tie up your zig rig

⚔️ Contrasting styles – Fixed vs. Adjustable

🏕️ A look at the ultimate social shelter; the Gazebo Camo Pro

☁️ NashBait Edges with a focus on Sloppy Spodding

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