Join Darrell Peck on his New Syndicate Water

For the second installment of the KORDA Vlog we joined Darrell Peck in the height of Spring as he steps foot on his brand NEW UK Syndicate water!
It was the beginning of May… the sun was shining, the Carp were well and truly up and awake, and like always Pecky was on fine form!
Expect laughter, carp that ‘old as the hills, and a couple of cold beers to see in his first session on a secret water that he will be getting his teeth stuck into even more throughout the course of the year.

Darrell’s Hinge Stiff Rig
– Wide Gape Hook (Size 4)
– 20lb Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid
– 20lb Mouth Trap
– Rig Ring
– Small Krimp + Krimp Tool
– Size 11 PTFE Ring Swivel
– Dark Matter Tungsten Putty
– Bait Floss
– Shrink Tube

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