34lb 80z Mirror on a private hire at Westfield Fishery

Westfield Fishery, Buckinghamshire

After a sweltering first 2 nights the recent storms pushed in and the air temperature started to drop, I noticed some movement under a small overhanging Tree on the far bank so first plan was take a walk around to the spot and see if I could see anything to give an indication as to wether there was a clear spot I could get a rig on.

Whilst in said spot I noticed Low lying weed around 6/8inch and 6 fish just patrolling the area never going more that 15/20ft from the cover of the tree so I quickly went back and grabbed my stalker rod to see if I could pinch a quick one. I got my self back around as stealthy as possible and dropped a couple of pieces of bread just on the surface and within seconds they were all over it. So I positioned my rod so no line was in the water and just dropped the bread to the surface and after a few aborted takes the smallest of the group a 15lb common was hooked and landed with no further sightings but knowing it was a spot they visited frequently and there was fish visiting the spot twice the size of the common, I went back round to my swim and cast out a choddy with a plain white 16mm pop up glugged In the Korda wonder berry fished on a Korda safezone leader also using the heli safe system to ensure the lead is dropped.

Night passed with nothing, we were into our final morning I had started packing up and just removed the storm poles from my bivvy when my alarm was screaming i picked up the rod and I was in, after a short dogged battle trying to keep the fish from dartng into weed beds and lily pads she was finally in the net. My previous p.b had stood for over 10 years so when we we lifted her on the scales to 34lb 8oz not only was it a pb but my first 30lb+ fish in the uk.

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