Manor Farm Linear Lake Record Kempsey Linear 51lb

I arrived at linear fisheries as usual after work all week on the Friday , after settling into the muddy on manor Farm on Friday ,  I had my sites on setting on moving into the browns peg Saturday afternoon once the  peg was available . I lost a fish in the weed that morning and also managed 4 tench  ! I moved into the browns peg Saturday I only had 24h hours a head of me . I fished to a spot at 120 yards which was a hard gravel spot , around 7ft deep.

I tied a few combi rigs as usual using a size 4 Korda wide gape kamakura, Korda  super natural braid on the soft end , with a 15lb IQ combined together. A small piece of shrink tube behind the hook  to set the hook aggressively. And a small piece of putty over the knot to tidy things all up ! Korda lead core and clips to present the lead . 50 lb korda armour cord as a shockleader !

I made a spod mix of sticky krill krushed and malted to crumb and 6 mm krill pellet’s and plenty I mean plenty of the old faithfull corn ! A few added extras as usual thrown in for good measure !!

The rigs cracked down and the spod work was done time to relax !

The weather for cast looked spot on 20 degrees ; s/w winds , with a thundery showers all afternoon .  Low pressure creeping in !

The heavens opened up and the fish reacted well with multiple fishes bosh ing out all over the place things looked good for a bite !

The rain finally settled and the fish were certainly up for it a’s the shows continued ….

530pm the alarm had a few beeps , I noticed the line tightened up and the super tight clutch burst into life !!!

Initially the fish headed into the weed but firm constant pressure with big hooks and strong 0.35mm line the fish was out  , I landed the fish after 20 min’s and called my neighbour for pics and the weigh in .

After tarreing the sling the scales span round once and nearly twice … lol settling  at 51.02 lb … we settled for 51lb on the nose .

12 years of fishing the complex with over 30 fish over 30lb and many upper 30s the queen of the complex is mine at a all time weight of 51lb … and new lake record .




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