A 17 year old catches… 31lb “The Pyman”

Lakelands Fishery, Witham, Essex

The Pyman” Was caught on a d-rig I had made for the session a few days before, I had nailed this beautiful mirror on a size 8 chod hook Kamakura with around 7 inches of IQ boom 20lb fluro. A medium Korda rig ring giving the slow sinking bottom bait a lot of movement around the hook but still being tight enough to nail this wonderful British mirror.

Bait I caught “The Pyman” on  was a…  CCMOORE

NS1  Dumbell Wafter (Orange)

10mm x 14mm. Coated in the CCMOORE  liquid 2-3 weeks before the session (came with the baits)

I presented the rods as close to the Lilys as I could get the rods and scattered freebie Tiger nuts around as I was afraid spoding will create to much noise on the water and spook any carp that may be  in the Lilys so I put the waders on and walked close enough so I could skim the baits but far enough to not let the carp get spooked and within minutes of putting the rods down it screamed off

Im 17 years old and caught this on a 24hr fishing session.

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