Simon McCabe

Simon McCabes Angling Diary Episode 1

As spring transitions into summer, it seems fitting to resurface my carp fishing adventures, and I couldn't be more excited. Join me on my angling journey as I deep dive into this wonderful pastime ...

Autumn Carp Fishing with Simon McCabe

Autumn carp fishing can produce some of the best results if you’re looking to catch big. It’s a glorious time of year with those rich yellows and burnt oranges in the trees. I couldn’t think of a ...

Carp Fishing In Devon with Simon McCabe

The Art of Angling is conceived from my love of art and fishing - funny that! I've been a fisherman for most of my life and I can't think of anything better than to sit by a lake and absorb the ...

Frank Warwick is the Sensei to Simon McCabe

The word master or mentor in Japanese has various translations. But over here in the west, it's most common is Sensei. We all need help from time to time, both it in life and fishing, so today we're ...

The Res – Why we go carp fishing

I'd lost my way but now I'm back. Carp fishing had been in my life for 35 years but once I started working in the industry my love of this great pastime soured and lost its appeal. My love of ...

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