Carp Fishing In Devon with Simon McCabe

The Art of Angling is conceived from my love of art and fishing – funny that! I’ve been a fisherman for most of my life and I can’t think of anything better than to sit by a lake and absorb the surroundings. But as much as I love my carp fishing, nature is my passion. Being at one with the environment is so stimulating and feeds my creative energy. This is a true story about adventure, friendship and legends.

Join us on this EPIC adventure as we head down to the beautiful Devonshire coastline for a 48hr session on the awesome Emperor Lakes in Kingsbridge. We meet up with new friends, as well as an interview with a famous angling artist and old friend I’ve not seen for 17 years!! And to top it all off, I try my hand at paddleboarding too 🙂 There’s more to angling than just catching fish.

I hope you enjoy it.

Big thanks to:

Frank & Guy Warwick


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