The Hook Swivel Rig

Ian favours wafters and critically balanced hookbaits with this rig

Ian Russell shows us how to tie his smart little rig for fishing in silt and silkweed.

I must admit this neat little rig has become a firm favourite of mine over the last couple of years when targeting silt areas or lakes that contain a fair amount of silkweed. Although it lends itself perfectly for fishing with boilie bottom baits, I find it works great when using a critically balanced bait like one of the soon-to-be-released Code Red wafters.

Size 4 Avid CRV hooks are ideal

Small bags of pop-ups are nicked on to the rig before casting it rig out

A lovely double caught from a soft, silty area on a freezing day

The key element of this rig is the Avid Big Eye Hook Swivel that eliminates the need for a conventional hair. Although it may not seem like a particularly big tweak, it makes a huge difference. The freedom of movement the bait has when using a Hook Swivel is absolutely incredible. The improved flexibility offers better hooking potential because it allows the hookbait to spin when the carp picks it up. Regardless of how the carp picks up the hookbait, the rotation of the hook will prevent the hook point from turning in the wrong direction and increase the chance of it taking hold. As well as this, the Hook Swivel adds brilliant anti-eject properties and ensures the hookbait will never impede the hook point when a carp picks it up.

When I’m constructing the rig, I generally use either Avid Captive Coated Hooklink or Captive Braided Hooklink, depending on the make-up of the lake bed. I tend to use a bigger hook than usual with this rig, generally opting for a size 4 CRV.

The super-supple hooklink and large hook work wonders

Although you can use the rig with any lead arrangement, Ian favours a lead clip

A nice little trick with this rig is to attach a small PVA bag containing two pop-ups before casting out. When the lead settles on the lakebed the pop-ups hold up the hooklink momentarily until the PVA dissolves. Then the balanced hookbait will slowly flutter down to the bottom and sit pretty over any silkweed or debris. When the pop-ups eventually surface you can use them as temporary markers so you can introduce a scattering of boilies around your hookbait with pinpoint accuracy.

All in all, this is a great little rig to have in your armory.

 Tying Ian’s Hook Swivel Rig

  • STEP 1: Tie a size 4 CRV hook to a length of Captive Braided hooklink
  • STEP 2: Slide a Big Eye Hook Swivel on to the hook
  • STEP 3: Carefully slide on an Avid Hook Bead
  • STEP 4: Pass some bait floss through the Swivel eye
  • STEP 5: Pull the bait floss through the centre of your chosen hookbait
  • STEP 6: Tie a hair stop in position
  • STEP 7: The finished rig

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