How To Tie A German Rig

German Rig

What you will need

Hook of your choice ( curved shank hooks work well)
Semi stiff braid, mono or soft fluorocarbon of your choice
Bait screw or hook swivel
Hook stop
Heat shrink tubing (optional)
Anti tangle sleeve (optional)

How to tie a German Rig - Components needed

Take your hook & desired length of hook length & form a 5 turn knotless knot (No hair is required).
Trap 7mm of hook length on the back of hook, pass through back side of eye, now whip down the shank 5 times then pass back through the back of the eye towards the point & then pull down. This is your completed knotless knot.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 1

Heat on 12mm of Heat shrink onto the knot & slightly above the eye, adjust exit position of the braid as the heat shrink cools.
This will keep the knot neat & the hook length coming out from the eye set at the right angle to aid turning.


How to tie a German Rig - Step 2

Slide on either a bait screw or hook swivel onto the shank via the point onto your hook, we’ll be using a bait screw for this demonstration. This will be to mount your hook bait on.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 3

Now slide on your hook stop onto the shank via the point, stopping inline with the barb. The hook stop will stop your hook bait from coming off on a cast.
The hook end is now complete and should look like this.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 4

Now tie onto your swivel or form a figure of eight for a quick change swivel at your desired length for your fishing situation.
You can add a Anti-tangle sleeve if required.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 5

If adding a anti tangle sleeve, slide on through the narrow side first.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 6

Slide on the anti tangle sleeve over the eye of the swivel, this will keep it in place and stop it from sliding down the hook length.

How to tie a German Rig - Step 7

The rig is now complete.


How to tie a German Rig - Step 8

The German rig is relatively simple to tie that offers solid hook holds and anti eject characteristics due to the use of a semi stiff hook length. Its also a great rig to use with either a wafter or a snowman along with a bottom bait too. The German rig also has great anti-tangle properties, so confidence will be assured when fishing at distance. If using a coated braided hook length, you can strip back 4mm of coating just above the eye, this will further enhance the rigs turning abilities.

How to tie a German Rig - Completed Rig


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