How To Tie A Multi Rig

Multi Rig


What you will need.

Chod hook
Coated braid
Bait screw/hook swivel
Tungsten putty
Anti tangle sleeve
Rig tool

How to tie a multi rig - components

Cut off your desired amount of braid to suit your fishing situation & form a loop roughly 3 inches in length. (This can be whatever size you require).

How to tie a multi rig - Step 1

Now with that loop tie a figure of eight knot at the top of the loop & tighten down, this will create a loop for hook to be threaded on to.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 2

Straighten out the loop into a point & put it through the front side of the eye of the hook, away from the point, coming through to the back.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 3

Next slide on your bait screw/hook swivel which ever you prefer via the small ring onto the loop as shown.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 4

Now pass the loop back over the bend & over the point creating a D on the back of the shank.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 5

Whilst holding the hook pull the other end of the hook length, this will close down the D you have just created. Slowly pull through the eye of the hook to make your desired sized loop on the back of the hook.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 6

Now slide on a anti tangle sleeve, small end first.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 7

Next attach to a swivel using a palomar knot or alternatively form another figure of eight knot to attach to a quick change swivel. This swivel will determine the length of your rig. Once your swivel is in place slide the anti tangle sleeve back up the rig & slide over the eye of the swivel. This will hold it in place, stopping it from sliding back down the rig.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 8

Now strip back 3mm of coating just below the knot, this is so the hook can move freely & easily inside the carps mouth, also making it more difficult for the fish to deal with, increasing hooking potential.

How to tie a multi rig - Step 9

Add some putty around the knot, this is to pin down your rig when using a pop up, although this rig can also be used for bottom baits too.  Always test in the margin first to check you have enough putty (weight) to hold your rig down & to balance your pop up so it sits just right.

The rig is now complete.

This rig is at home with pop ups as it is with wafters. It also has the ability for you to change hooks without de-rigging your whole setup.

How to tie a multi rig - Completed Rig


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