UK 50 from screaming reelz.

Myself Gavin Davies aged 33 and my mate Daniel Howe aged 29, was a bit devastated finding out that fishing had been banned due to the covid-19 outbreak, as we had already had our adventure booked at Pavyott Mills Fishery, at some point 2 weeks back we heard the good news. We received a phone call that Pavyott mills had reopened and we could attend a session there on the 22nd of may for a 48 hour session, mine and Daniel’s approach to the fishery was exactly the same as we both had researched the lake for weeks prior to our attendance, our choice of loose feed was Ssm standard spod mix combined with pv1 binder from Hooper’s particles topped with orcanic glug from beast baits, down to the business end we was fishing a pva bag system with drop off leds to ensure the fish wouldn’t knock the hook out of its mouth, as main bait, we used a chopped down original B pop up yellow, as we have heard fish tend to be attracted to that colour in that specific lake, in the pva bag we had chopped up orcanic boilies by beast baits, we were also using back leds to ensure we don’t cross lines and also that our lines are pinned down tight just incase the fish got spooked. In 48 hours as a team, myself and Daniel successfully landed 6 carp, 1 which was a 25lb grass carp, a 48lb 10 oz leather carp, a 42lb 15oz common carp, a 50lb 9oz leather carp, a 28lb common carp and a 15lb common which was the smallest fish of the session.

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