The Golden Beauty from Seven Oaks Fishery

Seven oaks fishery. Located in pontyclun and only a 30 minute drive from were I live.

I was booked in for a 24 hour session and to be fair the first half of the session wasn’t looking promising.

I was margin fishing using a single yellow popup 12mm on a ronnie rig, with 1 scoop of particle over the top.

It was one of them days were it was hot and the fish was just floating on the top, not doing much at all, as time went on I decided to get my self ready for the night.

It was around 6am the following day when I woke up to a belting run, as I struck into the fish it was already in the over hanging tree the other side of the island, I was determined to get my rig as it was early and the thought of resetting before a coffee was killing me.

After around 5 minutes I managed to get him out and the fight began again, and to see what was on the line i was shocked.  It was far from the biggest fish I had landed, but the prettiest, I was a million percent sure.

The fish was a golden butterfly koi. #screamingreelz #teambeastbaits  #hoopersparticle

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