My first grass carp

One of my favourite fishing resorts pavyotts mills fishery,  home to some absolute giants and situated in yeovil. There are some monsters in these waters to over 50lb in weight and I’ve caught some myself to vouch  for it.

So my setup was as usual for this water as its around 9ft in depth and deep margins and same for around the island with over hanging trees really carpy.

I was using a yellow original b chopped down as if it was sweetcorn and using a pva bag with crushed orcanic boilies inside with a drop off lead system.

I was fishing peg 3 to the left hand side rite under a tree, as it was a really hot day and I thought it just had to give something.

Around 2pm there was a few line bites and I knew it wasn’t fish crossing my line as I was back leaded down within 10 minutes off she went an absolutely stunning 25lb bang on the button grass carp my first ever one really pleased.

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