My First Big Carp – Vincent Renard

It’s a strange feeling. Seeing a big fish for the first time. Hearing his noises. Trying to hold it. How to act or what to do in those moments.

I do know that the levels of adrenaline in one’s body are so high that any other negative sensation in your body vanishes as if it were never real.

At least, this was my case as I recovered instantly from a drink poisoning (i.e. fermented elderberry shrub) that lasted for more than 5 hours and almost took me to the hospital.

At 3 a.m. my Delkim went off, the drill ensued, and a big grass carp (for the level I was at) delivered it in the sling. As previously said, every little discomfort from the poisoning disappeared, as I was soon in awe of the grass carp (biggest i’d seen up until then). Almost 10 kg it weighted, although it seem bigger than that.

Needless to say that levels of happiness, adrenaline and non-believing were sky high in my body and it took a while to fall asleep, but from that night I was bent on catching even bigger grasscarps (their behavior at the shore is pure gold, rocketry at its finest). And I’ve made huge efforts to reach that goal.

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