DEAL: Fox Camo Soft Steel Mono £13.19 @ Johnson Ross

£13.19 £21.99 Buy It Now

Fox Camo Soft Steel Mono 1000m Deal

Down from £21.99 to only £14.29 @ Johnson Ross.

Product Information

Fox Camo Soft Steel has undergone a transformation and is now better than ever before. For the first time ever the Fox Camo Soft Steel is available in two different camo options – Light Camo and Dark Camo, to keep in line with our revolutionary Edges products that feature the colour break technology. Due to advancements in monofilament manufacturing technology this new line is better than ever before! It is low stretch yet is incredibly strong, ultra-supple yet highly abrasion resistant. It casts like an absolute dream and sinks impressively too, whilst its disruptive camouflage pattern helps it to merge into a variety of lakebeds, thus making it harder for a carp to spook.

Available in 13lb (0.31mm), 16lb (0.33mm), 18lb (0.35mm) and 20lb (0.37mm) breaking strains.

DEAL: Fox Camo Soft Steel Mono £13.19 @ Johnson Ross
DEAL: Fox Camo Soft Steel Mono £13.19 @ Johnson Ross
£13.19 £21.99
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