CarpCal Carp Fishing Recorder for all aspects of logging your fishing

Made for carp anglers by carp anglers, Meet CarpCal the Carp Fishing Log Recorder for all your catch reports, an advanced storage of catches that shows you’re best fishing times, baits, temperatures, hotspots and many more . As an angler you think you may know the best bite times, but you may be surprised looking at your catch stats. With the help of a CarpCal you will hone your skills and in turn increase your catch!

– Securely store your catches in the cloud
– Compare baits, rigs, days of week, times of day and many more
– Share / Auto Share to social media
– Auto add sponsors to images
– Auto add social handles to images
– Auto add catch details to images
– Swim mapping
– Rod timers
– Navigate to lakes
– Session tracker
– Clip/Wraps data
– Fish loss tracker
– Auto fills weather and moon information
– View all catches on google maps

– Free signup
– Internet
– Access to files for image upload
– GPS for swim mapping

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