DEAL: Daiwa Sensor Bulk Monofil Line £8.49 @Total Fishing Tackle

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Daiwa Sensor Bulk Monofil Line Deal

Down from £10.99 to £8.49 with free delivery @Total Fishing Tackle

This is without doubt the number one monofil in the UK.

It has scooped multiple awards, landed two British record carp and is popular with anglers across all disciplines.

With a reputation for exceptional reliability, a rugged performance, Sensor has delivered amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knotting.

Breaking Strain: 4lb/1.8kg Diameter: 0.20mm Spool Capacity: 3090m

Breaking Strain: 6lb/2.7kg Diameter: 0.24mm Spool Capacity: 2320m

Breaking Strain: 8lb/3.6kg Diameter: 0.26mm Spool Capacity: 1855m

Breaking Strain: 10lb/4.5kg Diameter: 0.310mm Spool Capacity: 1325m

Breaking Strain: 12lb/5.4kg Diameter: 0.330mm Spool Capacity: 1160m

Breaking Strain: 15lb/6.8kg Diameter: 0.370mm Spool Capacity: 925m

Breaking Strain: 18lb/8.2kg Diameter: 0.405mm Spool Capacity: 755m

Breaking Strain: 20lb/9.1kg Diameter: 0.435mm Spool Capacity: 665m

Breaking Strain: 25lb/11.3kg Diameter: 0.520mm Spool Capacity: 465m

Breaking Strain: 30lb/13.6kg Diameter: 0.570mm Spool Capacity: 385m

DEAL: Daiwa Sensor Bulk Monofil Line £8.49 @Total Fishing Tackle
DEAL: Daiwa Sensor Bulk Monofil Line £8.49 @Total Fishing Tackle
£8.49 £10.99
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