Tom Maker

Catching Carp on Day Sessions – Tom Maker

Join Tom Maker as he tackles the Linear Fisheries Tar Farm complex in search of a bite on a short day session. Catching carp on a day session is never an easy task, but with the correct tactics, ...

Full Circle | Inside The Mind | Tom Maker

Tom Maker; he only fishes on Linear, he’s a one trick pony? Find out exactly what Tom has to say about these topics and more. In this short film, we delve inside the mind of one of best UK carp ...

Tom Maker’s Best Year Ever

We can't quite believe just how many HUGE CARP Tom Maker caught during 2020! Everyone knows he catches a lot of carp, but to catch so many big ones in a year is simply incredible! We managed to catch ...

Linear Fisheries to resurrect BYCAC

New prizes, new trophies and new format The British Young Carpers Angling Championships was the best place for enthusiastic young anglers to show off their skills. It was the brain child of Angling ...

New Year, New Goals

Carp-Talk asks the big names about their personal targets and what they think will happen on the scene in 2018 The start of a New Year always sees people making targets for themselves, with some more ...

Star in the making

We are winding the clock back to July 2002 for this one, when a 10-year-old carper appeared in the news with a 35lb 9oz mirror from Walthamstow. It is, of course, Tom Maker, who has since gone on to ...

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