Tom Maker Set To Launch New Carp Streaming Platform – Cinecarp TV

CineCarp TV is Coming SOON!

Tom and Brad are delighted to announce that CineCarp TV will be launching on 01/09/23.

cinecarp tv tom maker

What is CineCarp TV?

CineCarp TV is a brand new content based platform designed to bring you the ultimate entertainment in carp fishing content whilst including you, the subscriber, as much as possible.

CineCarp TV will host a huge variety of content from some of the industries most well respected anglers! From inspirational fishing sessions with huge carp, to reflective story based pieces from some of your favourite anglers. Our anglers will be tackling venues far and wide, from popular ‘open access’ day ticket waters, to syndicates, canals, rivers and inspirational European destinations.

No stone will be left unturned in session videos with anglers delving into their tips and tactics in great depth; enabling you, the subscriber, to learn as much as possible from each video.

Im sitting here this Evening feeling very nervous, excited and extremely proud all at the same time….. I mentioned a few weeks back that something exciting was coming soon and this is it CineCarp TV
This is Bradley Walker and myself dream that we have been able to turn into a reality, not wanting to rush into anything we already have some amazing films ready to go with so many more exciting and different projects on the horizon! We will be sharing more news in due course but as I always say I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today without the love and support from your guys and girls so please head on over and like our social media platforms for all up to date news and some behind the scene snippets of what’s to come.
Big love Tom & Brad ❤️

What can we expect from CineCarp TV?

  4 Videos EVERY MONTH! (Ranging from session videos, Carp Stories, Tips and Vlogs!)
  Regular Lives for our subscribers to interact with our anglers.
  A HUGE giveaway every month for one lucky subscriber, ranging from rods and reels to bivvys and bait!
  THE BIG CineCarp SOCIAL! 3 subscribers will be picked every month over 10 months to join us on our annual CineCarp TV Social with a lake exclusive for a total of 30 subscribers, fishing alongside Tom Maker whilst picking his brains for tips and tactics (with a free BBQ on the Saturday evening). This social will also be filmed for CineCarp TV!
  Ability to upload your own Vlogs for the CineCarp TV community to see. (If you’re a budding content creator and enjoy documenting your angling journey this will help to boost your own platform and content!)
  Opportunities throughout the year for lucky subscribers to join Tom and the CineCarp TV cameras live in session.
  Subscriber Discounts from your favourite brands! (From tackle and bait to food and clothing!)

All of this for only £6.99 per month!

Please follow the CineCarp socials for updates and sneak peaks for what you can expect!

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