New Year, New Goals

Carp-Talk asks the big names about their personal targets and what they think will happen on the scene in 2018

The start of a New Year always sees people making targets for themselves, with some more achievable than others. The angling world is no different, with many setting their sights on personal bests or landing specific fish from their chosen venues. Aside from personal targets though, we look forward to the year ahead, but what will it bring? Last year we had a couple of controversial record claims as well as the capture of the super rare Burghfield Common. We asked several well known anglers what they think will happen in 2018 as well as what their own personal targets are.

Scott Lloyd – “I will be voted sexiest male angler 2018! On a more serious note, the Burghfield Common will be caught again at a big weight (hopefully by my brother) plus I think the carp scene will be rocked by more imported carp.

“As far as my own personal targets go, I am hoping to flutter about like I did last year. Although this isn’t exactly ideal for targeting specific carp I really enjoyed it last year and that’s what it’s all about. Potential lakes being; St Ives Shallow Pit in the hunt for Colin, Dinton’s White Swan for the two Triple Rows and possibly Tatton Park for you know what. I also have some unfinished business over in Reading, but that isn’t set in stone just yet.”

Mark Pitchers – “I’ve never been one for making predictions. I am certain, however, that we will see a number of very large fish grace the banks this year that will once again cause a great deal of controversy and divide people’s opinions!

“As for my personal targets this year, well, 2018 looks set to be a very busy year for me. Harry Charrington and I will be filming In Pursuit Of Carpiness 2 so my main target is to make sure we can make that even better than the first one!”

Rob Hughes – “I think lesser known European countries will become more popular in the coming year as more and more people open their eyes to venues outside of France. I can’t see many more 100lb fish from venues other than Euro Aqua, but there will be plenty of overseas commercials that produce 80-pounders and even a few that could push over 90lb.

“My personal carp fishing has been restricted for a few years but I’m back on it again big style this year. My personal target is to catch as many big fish from as many new countries as I possibly can. I’m aiming for some carp adventures starting off in January with Italy.

“I’d love to beat my personal bests of 75lb 14oz (overseas) and 48lb 14oz (UK), however that may be tricky because of time restraints and where I fish. A UK 50 would be a dream so that’s a bit of a target for the UK. Other than that it’s medals, medals and more medals for Carp Team England. We’ve got a big year coming up with plenty of silverware to chase. Bring it on!”

Tom Maker – “I think we will continue to see many more ridiculous ‘carpy’ poses making the papers with new boundaries being set on a regular basis. I would like to think with the warmer winter that fish weights will be maintained very high. I also have my fingers crossed the Wingham mirror returns to good health and challenges the record.

“For me personally, it’s hard to set any real targets with the waters I fish. In an ideal world I would love to catch either Kempy’s Linear from Manor Farm or the Big Plated from St. John’s. But most of all, I just want to get out and enjoy my fishing and make new friends along the way.”

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