VIDEO: Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep5

Back with carp fishing pros Danny Fairbrass, Darrell Peck, Neil Spooner and the Korda European Sale Team as we catch up with them still catching huge fish at Italian lake – Parco Del Brenta. Part two sees all of the anglers now settled into their respective swims, and having got to grips with what is in front of them, they show exactly how they are making the most of their chances and also making tweaks to keep the bites coming. Danny got off to a terrific start in Part One, and the fishing just keeps on getting better now that he has honed his tactics to ensure that he is getting bites around the clock. Even after he moves to a different swim to allow one of the other anglers to get in on the action, he still keeps on catching. Watch as Fairbrass takes an in-depth look into his carp fishing rigs and carp fishing tactics that are catching lots of fish, he also explains the importance of casting very accurately when fishing tight to snags and how to ensure that you are casting as consistently as you can be. This includes his PVA stick set-up – including exactly what he puts in it to make it as attractive as he can for as long as possible – and why, when accuracy is the key, he favours it over a solid PVA bag. This episode showcases a number of ways to fish using pellets including solid bags, method feeder and pva sticks. It is important to consider what the carp are usually fed on at these purpose made fishing venues – the fish in Parco might be huge but for them their natural food source is the pellets that they are fed on daily, and which the majority of anglers visiting the venue use, so the sort of approach you might expect on some European venues, with large purpose made boilies, certainly isn’t the way to go here. Even if you never set foot on Parco Del Brenta yourself, there is still plenty that you will be able to take away from this episode and apply to your own fishing at the venues you visit. Darrell Peck is mowing them down, as per usual, during this episode and a 64lb+ mirror carp is one of his highlights from the trip. Neil Spooner and several of the team also catch some monster carp whilst explaining exactly how this did it so you can use this in your own fishing. Several enormous 60lb+ plus carp are caught as well as a multitudes of 50lb and 40lb fish too. Double takes, triple takes and night bites all make this episode super exciting to watch. Even the anglers themselves cannot believe how crazy the action gets.

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