VIDEO: Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep2

Korda carp anglers Darrell Peck and Danny Fairbrass return for PART 2 of their Thinking Tackle On Demand adventure at an amazing 60 acre public lake in central France! The video starts off on the morning after, the night before.

NOTE – Translations/Subtitles to follow in French, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Croatian and Czech. We apologise in advance for the delay but we hope to have this resolved within 14 days.

The big fish carp anglers are still buzzing from a fantastic 3 days fishing up to this point and the adventure continues at this “mental place”. As the weather eases off and the guys go into another day fishing session with some amazing results…

In true explorer fashion Darrell uses the good weather and his previous captures to begin building a picture of his swim. He sends out his bait boat and echo sounder and discovers that some fresh growing weed, with natural foods being present and fish showing over it. A great find but his luck on that spot doesn’t continue, its time for a move.

The weather quickly turns and it looks good for a bite… both Danny and Darrell are focused on catching more carp and with the lake producing over the past few days in the similar weather the excitement builds. As Danny begins to see more activity he thinks “What would Darrell Peck do?” and decides to cast at showing fish but it just doesn’t happen. I

With the temperature set to get very cold, with potential snow is this it for the trip?

Fast forward and Darrell gets a screaming taking and Dan explaining that “it’s the bad times that make the good times, good” as he brings his prize to the landing net.

A 36lb 12oz mirror with a distinctive mark down its flank is the reward for the effort that has been put in over the past few days. A well needed confidence spike occurs and the session is suddenly back on track.

It’s not long before Darrell has another bite, this time at an unexpected time of day. Dan is on hand to net it for him and another 30lb+ fish is landed. A brace of 30lbers for Darrell on his “tropical fruit juice” goo combination of Orange and Pineapple.

The next day the morning starts promising and Danny is into a fish early, it isn’t quite a 70lber but it is very welcome. And Darrell is off the mark with tench and then, eventually, another carp. Finally a giant Rudd graces his net and the day finishes as a real mixed bag of specimens.

Another day, another change… this time its BIGGER HOOK BAITS. Darrell decides to go for some 20mm pop-up hook baits.

Dan sticks with the 14mm IB pop ups and makes a final move, with just 4 hours of the penultimate day left manages to catch a “proper french bar of gold”. A cool looking 34lb+ Common with a very distinctive tail is banked.

Finally the last day comes round and Pecky gets a bite early… and it is a monster! Then, not to be outdone, Danny has another common carp and the adventure is complete.

Make sure you don’t miss this episode, because as well as being action-packed, it is also full of useful advice that can be applied both to your overseas fishing, and also at home, as the principles are often the same – if you find them and fish for them effectively, then you will catch.

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