VIDEO: Thinking Tackle OD Season 2 Ep1

Carp fishing Danny Fairbrass and Darrell Peck are back with NEW Thinking Tackle On Demand 2019! The Korda carp fishing angler’s duo catch some huge fish including a 70lb (30kilo+) mirror carp, talk carp fishing tactics and share carp fishing rig advice that will catch you more carp. In this free Korda fishing video find out about carp fishing watercraft, location and also the very popular Spinner rig / Ronnie rig.

If you enjoyed Fairbrass and Pecky’s previous carp fishing adventures to Belgium (Masterclass Vol 3) and Germany (Masterclass Vol 4) then make sure you check out Thinking Tackle On Demand. The guys travel to an amazing 60-acre public lake in central France and proceed to seek out some of its giant residents. Both waste no time in catching a few carp between them and Danny Fairbrass hits the jackpot in Episode 1 (Part 1) by bagging a huge 70lb+ (30kilo+) mirror carp.

Danny and Darrell decide to make a trip early in the year to a venue that they’ve been tipped off about and which holds some massive carp, and by doing so they are hoping to avoid the crowds but are also taking a big gamble by approaching a fairly large water during the colder months – especially as neither of them have ever set eyes upon it before! The weather conditions turn out to be far from ideal, with heavy rain and cold temperatures, but they brave the elements and set about showing that as long as you can find some fish, then only being able to fish the days isn’t really a problem, it just makes it harder work.

Often there is a misconception that fishing in mainland Europe, everything that is applied to catching carp in the UK suddenly goes out of the window. But Danny and Darrell quickly dispel that myth, as they have done elsewhere in Europe in the past and show that a ‘carp is a carp’ wherever it might be living, and what works well at home will also do so abroad.

Make sure you don’t miss this episode, because as well as being action-packed, it is also full of useful advice that can be applied both to your overseas fishing, and also at home, as the principles are often the same – if you find them and fish for them effectively, then you will catch.

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