The Return to Orchid – Lee “Mozza” Morris & Mark Bartlett

Loyal followers of the DNA Digital TV YouTube channel will remember a classic Winter Series episode from Orchid Lake filmed back in 2016, when Lee Morris and Mark Bartlett enjoyed an epic session fishing out of the Alamo swim despite some appalling conditions in the depths of winter.

Well, now the lads are returning to the ‘Home of the Thirties’ and this time it isn’t winter! That’s right, for the first time DNA have allowed the lads the luxury of fishing this venue at a more prolific time of year, so we are expecting big things from them – with no excuses!

Seven years on from the last time they fished together on this famous Oxfordshire pit Orchid Lake, join Mozza and Bart as they go in search of the many 30-pounders for which the venue is renowned.

There is much to enjoy in this video, including the opportunity to see Bart away from his natural habitat of fishing three rods on a bin lid at 160 yards. Yes, it turns out Bart can be just as effective at fishing at half a wrap as he is at 40 wraps, but you’ll have to watch the video to see exactly what we mean by that!

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