Spring Carp Fishing with Alfie Willingale – The Drop

Carp fishing tips, hints, edges and general good vibes – A new episode of “The Drop” is here!

Host Hassan Khan is joined by Alfie Willingale for an early spring session at Berners Hall Fishery, a lake with a great stock of carp to go at, regardless of the time of year

The focus of this episode is Pop-Up fishing, and Alfie is here to show you his notorious Ronnie Rig variations
From how to approach Pop-Up fishing to rig choice and tying them, this episode is jam-packed with features that will help you up your carp fishing game:

How the guys approach Pop-Up fishing

⚔️ Rig choice + How to tie them

Distance casting tips with Jermaine Hull

A focus on PVA stick mixes for maximum attraction

Product focus highlighting some of the best products on the market

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