Product Focus: RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove Pro Range

Dan Hawkes takes a detailed look at the new RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Pro Stove range. Idea for any outdoor enthusiast, especially those who have longed for a dual stove in order to cook using two pans simultaneously, which is made possible thanks to the ver clever connect feature of the Full Kit. The Full Kit comes as standard with a secondary Stove head, which connects to the Primary head also supplied. If you feel you only require the one head for use on a given day / outing, then simply just take the primary head, leaving the secondary at home until required.

The following products are available:

Quad Connect Stove Pro Full Kit –…

Quad Connect Stove Pro Mini Full Kit –…

Quad Stove Pro (single head) –…

Quad Stove Pro Mini (single head) –…

Please hit the links above for the full product information and tech specs on our website.


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