Pecky’s Big Carp Buzz | French Forest Lake

The location is a beautiful and very quiet French public lake, it is day fishing only and the lake is full of lily pads. Darrell knows absolutely nothing about the lake prior to visiting and with very limited time (4/5 days) it is important he gets to work on figuring it out… fast.

“Thats where the excitement is for me, not knowing… a little bit anxious, but we we are going down there try to hunt down some public lake carp…”

On arrival Darrell realises that this wild lake has very limited access due to private property areas, lots of bream and the times they can fish are even more limited than expected. Finding a “swim” Darrell begins his quest for some of the lakes residents by casting out his spinner rigs and trusty white pop ups for the first time. I

t’s not long before the Delkims start sounding and the first fish is in the net, before he can get the rod back out on the spot the other rod is away. A few single figure common carp fish in the net is a positive start but they are not the Big Carp he came for…

A shock capture of a much bigger forty pounder on the first evening inspires Darrell to stay put… but this doesn’t last for long. Exploring all possible avenues to continue catching Darrell’s focus and determination is very clear. Follow him on his approach to this new venue with no information or prior knowledge and watch the results of his decisions unfold.


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