Parker Baits Visit Linears Brasenose 2 for a Social

They host a competition, with prices of a trophy and a 5kg ParkerBaits bundle for biggest carp caught, and most carp caught. They go over the rules to make sure everyone understand to keep everything fair. The winners are then announced at the end of the session.

Dive deep into Brasenose 2, showing off the best spots to fish and sharing valuable tips for maximising your chances of a catch when visiting this venue. Parker Baits take you on a tour of the lake, highlighting the areas where carp are most likely to be found.

During our fishing sessions, we utilize a variety of bait options to increase our chances of success. Our go-to choices included our FlatSpot, Magic Dust, The Sauce, Boilies and a variety of other products we stock. We also discuss the best methods for baiting an area, including spodding and throwing sticks, to ensure that the carp are actively feeding and ready to take out rigs.

Garedd joins us this session, which means only one thing – high quality food down the bank. Garedd is not only an avid angler, but also a skilled chef, so we know were in for a treat when he is onboard.

We managed to pull quite a few carp out of this water over the duration of the social session, including what could possibly be the biggest common carp caught from Brasenose 2.


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