Mozza and Chris Holmes visit Norton Disney

Day-ticket carp fishing at its finest at Embryo Angling’s Norton Disney complex, filled with tips, techniques, advice, rigs, bait and plenty of carp! The 3D Series is the only carp-fishing series in which you get to decide which bait the anglers use. Scroll down for a chance to win! Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris is joined on the banks of Turner’s Lake by the lovable Chris ‘Bones’ Holmes, both of whom will be hoping they don’t get stitched up like they did in the previous episode at Bishop’s Bowl, when they had to work their socks off in searing temperatures with 22mm boilies! It still makes us laugh even now! This time, the conditions are a bit more favourable, as the lads demonstrate how to get the very best from the three DNA Baits products chosen for them by a member of the public on one of the busiest day-ticket complexes in the country, Norton Disney.

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