Korda Thinking Tackle OD 3 EP4: Danny Fairbrass HUGE CARP FISHING FRANCE 2020

Danny Fairbrass and the Korda Europe sales team return for some more French Carp Fishing. The final episode in this series of Thinking Tackle On Demand follows them as they RETURN TO TROIS ILES

The Korda Europe annual week-long sales summit mixed with a fishing social, has anglers from all over Europe descending on this famous TROIS ILES complex, and in-between meetings the team, including Neil Spooner, manage to catch some very impressive carp!

This 100 MINUTE episode boasts a huge range of rigs, tactics and ideas as anglers from different countries, and who are used to fishing vastly differing venues, all have their own way of going about catching carp and their own ideas on the best way to do so. This is a real eye opener and everyone can learn something from this Episode, even Danny F himself picks the brains of several of the team (including Julian Blot and Hrvoje Jakopčević) as he watches them catch 50lb and 60lb plus carp.

This water is typical of a French holiday venue and although it is home to some seriously big fish, they have seen it all over the years and are regularly fished for, so there are definitely some little edges that can be employed to trick them and to get extra bites, and all of this is revealed to the cameras. Exceptional angling skills and brilliant water craft is showcased as the group begin to catch regularly… in fact as a team they catch 50 carp between them.

All sorts of topics are covered in this bumper episode, including the type of spots to fish and some of that involves long range casting in certain swims which is explained in detail. Danny even looks at how hook-bait size can have an impact, proving this by starting to fish with very large wafters later on in the session… and it being an incredible edge that changers the session for him. They also take a look at how to fish your lines to prevent fish bumping into them – which is very important on a busy water like this, this is an essential skill that can be used in fishing situations on your own lake not just abroad.

A number of different rigs are also covered as well, and whilst the ever-popular spinner rig does features, the combo rig and other set-ups do too as the team explain how and why they use them. So, you’ll certainly pick up plenty of advice on that front! Wherever you do your own fishing, with such a diverse range of fishing styles on display during this episode you can’t help but pick up some useful tips that will improve your catch rate and make you think about what you are doing in your own fishing! As well as covering tackle and tactics, the sales team set about notching up a steady stream of big carp between them, including one or two real monsters at 60lb+.

As always, THINKING TACKLE OD goes into great detail as to exactly how he caught this fish– plus several others – so that you can easily replicate it yourself and catch more carp.

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