Korda Thinking Tackle OD 3 EP2: Danny Fairbrass Norton Disney Day Ticket

Danny Fairbrass finds himself back in the UK on an amazing new Embryo Angling Water, Norton Disney, where he is joined by Team Korda members; Loz East, James Salmons and Katie Watkinson.

The 6 lake fishing complex is spread over 180 acre and is day ticket fishing, meaning anyone can fish here. A huge amount of work has been done, both in terms of the fish stocks and also in the banks to plant trees, not to mention predator fencing being erected around the whole site. In the, near, future it is set to become one of the best day ticket complexes in the UK, and this episode shows you exactly why as the Team Korda have some fast and furious action from some stunning looking fish.

Thinking Tackle OD is packed full of tips, tricks and edges that will 100% help you catch more carp. We have in-depth guides to using a Marker Float to find clear fishing spots, a Spinner Rig / Ronnie Rig how to guide PLUS loads of insight into the bait the guys use to catch large numbers of carp during a session.

The carp anglers split up into pairs on the day ticket complex, with Danny F and Katie heading on ‘Petitts Lake’, the lower stocked of the two lakes being fished but the one that has the bigger fish. Loz and James team up on ‘Billys Lake’ as this is more of an action packed runs water. Exactly how these two like it… relentless energy is required to maximise the bites and land lots of carp. As the two pairs get the rods out it isn’t long before they all start to get some action.

Episode 2 explores all aspects of tackling a Day Ticket carp fishing water. Essential skills from finding features amongst the weed on a gravel pit, and exactly what you should be looking for. How to bait up in a way that keeps the bites coming throughout the session, responding to changing weather conditions and the types of rigs that all four anglers favour for this sort of fishing.

If you visit and fish Norton Disney yourself then this video will help you to catch more fish, but the tactics and rigs used will also work on pretty much any similar waters in the UK. This episode is a very enjoyable watch with plenty of banter and wind-ups between the anglers, who all know each other and have fished together before. Expect lots of screaming runs, banter, bickering and some serious competitiveness.

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