VIDEO: Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6: Weedy Lakes

Korda carp angler Danny Fairbrass shows exactly how to fish in and around weed using simple solutions you can follow to catch more carp. This Masterclass chapter will help you turn a weedy carp fishing lake you dread, into something you look forward to fishing. Danny shares his knowledge, essential tips and specialist tactics to help you bank more monster carp. Fairbrass talks feature finding in the weed, helicopter rigs, the benefits of D- rig Kickers, and even weed raking, plus the specialist tackle used to get the best results.

This chapter starts at Embryo Stanton, Oxfordshire… a really weedy lake, typical of loads of lakes up and down the country (and in Europe) in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of fishing correctly in these conditions. Later in the film, Danny moves onto another Embryo venue, Cables Lake, in Oxfordshire.

Danny starts as he means to go on and talks location – it’s the thing most people get wrong or don’t put any effort into, but is key to catching more carp. Once in his chosen swim, it’s all about finding the right spots, and Danny explains his decisions in detail at the very start of the session.

When bite time comes and goes Danny decides to pull out a new part of his armoury… the weed rake! A margin spot is created with a little bit of extra effort, and that proves to be worthwhile later in the session.

Strong tackle is so important when fishing weedy lakes, and this is proven to be essential as Danny begins catching some beautiful carp in testing conditions. Two stunning old fish are caught in his first session, and then the following week the hard work is rewarded again with an amazing 30lb+ carp.

Fish safety is the most important element, and Danny talks through his weedy lake rig in detail, highlighting why he feels this is the safest way to fish in these conditions. Learn about the benefits of leadcore leaders, Heli-Safe Systems, and strong end tackle that will ensure you fish safely, but also effectively.

A selection of hard fighting and beautiful carp are the prize before Danny moves onto another venue in week three. Although a new venue, the same weed fishing tactics are applied and a 24lb dark mirror is the prize early on in the session. The stunning fish continue to come, and a 23lb+ beauty falls to the highly effective weed fishing tactics.

Consistency is so important in carp fishing, and Danny’s focus is to help the viewer extract as many fish out of their swim as possible. The tactics and information Danny shares in this chapter will give you the knowledge and tools required to fish weedy lakes safely and with new found skills.

Carp Fishing Masterclass Vol 6 contains five chapters of MUST-WATCH footage packed with the latest carp fishing tackle, tactics and tips from the likes of Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi, Darrell Peck, Rob Burgess and Neil Spooner. A fantastic FREE set of carp fishing videos that will catch you more fish for 2019.

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