How Parker Baits Make Carp Fishing Wafters

Welcome to Parker Baits Factory! Parker Baits are crafting hook baits today, specifically the OG Fish Wafters. Parker Baits will be going in depth, showing you the process, the reasons behind what they do, the ingredients that go into their Wafters, and then the steaming and double dusting process. Parker Baits specialized drying process ensures that the OG Fish Wafters retain their texture, buoyancy, and irresistible scent, making them an enticing target for even the most cautious fish. But that’s not all! Parker Baits also have our OG Fish Shelf life boilies undergoing the drying process, ready to be delivered to passionate anglers across the UK. They take immense pride in crafting top-notch chops and crumbs too. The commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the bait production, ensuring that each piece delivers consistent performance on the water.


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