How easy is it to Catch A Day Ticket 40lb Carp

Day ticket venues are incredibly popular and Sandhurst Lake, the scene for this film, is no exception. We tasked Lance Barton with the challenge of catching a 40lb carp live for the camera, in a scenario that so many anglers are faced with; busy banks, changeable weather and multiple sessions spread throughout the year. With no way of pre-baiting or using any of Lance’s usual tactics he would adopt in his campaign fishing, it was a case of adapting and overcoming.

Covering three separate sessions, Lance endures sun, rain, wind and snow during his time at Sandhurst, as he tries to outwit some of the special carp that reside in the famous lake. Forever tinkering, Lance puts fish on the bank every session, but will one of them break the magical 40lb barrier?

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