Fishing with Natural Baits with Alfie Willingale

Join Alfie Willingale for a cold water session at the infamous “home of the 30’s”, Orchid Lakes.

Get ready for an action-packed session as Alfie, armed with some of the finest naturals in the carp fishing game, works relentlessly to hunt down some of the stunning carp that call this lake home as the clock ticks down ⏳

With a relatively slow start, Alfie tries to find where the carp have held up in the colder weather, this video perfectly showcases how simple changes and keen watercraft can completely transform your carp fishing session.

Keep your eyes peeled as Alfie talks us through the different methods he utilises when carp fishing with naturals, a method that when used correctly can really get the carp feeding, showcased perfectly as Alfie gets amongst some stunning UK carp and even a UK 40lber!

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