Dan Yeomans visits Belgium – Ep1

Don’t miss this captivating journey as Dan Yeomans and Henry Lennon dive into the beauty and excitement of carp fishing in Belgium

In the first episode of this three-part series, we join Dan Yeomans on a captivating journey to rediscover the magic of carp fishing in the mystical waterways of Belgium

With a real mission in mind, Dan brings along someone whose energy levels are next level, Henry Lennon, setting the stage for an unforgettable adventure that promises excitement and discovery

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Belgian canals as Dan and Henry embark on their quest to encounter some truly special carp.
Experience the thrill of each catch, the challenges they face, and the camaraderie that drives them forward. Join them in their pursuit to reignite the passion for carp fishing and uncover the hidden gems within the Belgian canals.

Don’t miss out on the first episode of “Yeomans in Belgium” – a series designed to inspire and entertain carp fishing enthusiasts

Stay tuned for Episode 2, where they continue their quest and uncover even more surprises on the banks of Belgium

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