CARP FISHING in a Theme Park!

CARP FISHING in a Theme Park! Day Session Carp Fishing At Camel Creek Adventure Park! Mainline Baits Carp Fishing TV

With carp fishing reduced to day sessions only, and close to home due to Lockdown guidelines, Mainline Baits angler and presenter, John Kneebone finds his fishing opportunities dramatically reduced… that is until an invite comes to fish a small lake situated in the Camel Creek Adventure Park!

As the lake is not used as a fishery, there is no way of knowing how the venue and any fish present may react to angling tactics – couple this with the winter conditions and there are a lot of unknown elements. So John applies a simple carp fishing approach to take all these factors into account, and takes you through the whole process; from the Spod mix of bait, through to hookbaits, carp rigs and high attract, Smart Liquid infused solid PVA bags!

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