Carp fishing: How to choose the right carp hook

Matthew Collins reviews hook patterns, point styles, shank types, micro-barbed vs. barbless and why you don’t need to use kickers. He shares his views on what is the best type of carp hook.

The subject of carp hooks is emotional and full of myths. There is so much choice available! For the newcomer it can be very confusing and even seasoned anglers may be buying, storing and carrying more hooks than are actually necessary for their fishing. In this video Matthew Collins cut through all the marketing hype and show you that type of hook works well for the vast majority of situations. This will save you time, money and space, enabling you to concentrate on what really matters. Finding the carp!

He also looks at some myths regarding carp hooks:
– Are beaked point hooks better than straight points over gravel?
– Do straight point hooks hook the carp quicker?
– Do you get better hook holds with beaked point hooks?

Here’s what he is covering In this video:
00:50 Types of carp hook patterns
05:50 The difference between beaked and straight point carp hooks
07:08 Carp hook myths
09:34 Should you use micro-barbed or barbless hooks?
13:28 Types of hook shanks
17:02 How to create a safe long shank effect
20:53 Hook kickers
24:25 What type of hook for popup rigs

Filmed at Beausoleil Carp and Cats: Exclusive carp and catfish fishing holidays in Northern France where you can fish for big carp and monster catfish in your own private 4 acre fishing lake. With exclusive use of the lake and accommodation, this stunning fishing venue is perfect for couples, families and groups of 4 anglers.

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