You can’t keep a good man down!

We are all very pleased and relieved to hear Ian ‘Chilly’ Chillcott is recovering well following surgery to remove a brain tumour at St George’s Hospital, London.

Writing on his Facebook page, Chilly said: “Well, the past few weeks have been nothing short of unbelievable! This picture shows 50 aluminium stitches in my head, but they were removed a few days ago. I have also arrived home, which is something like a fortnight before time. All in all, it is because I am so pig-headed and stubborn that I just wanted to recover in a familiar environment with my wife beside me. My walking and speech should never have returned, along with the ability to read and write, this quickly. As much as I can’t help feeling so poorly, it’s impossible not to feel so positive about my future. A future made so much more positive by all of your wonderful comments. Thank you so much, and I must say again, none of you will ever really realise just how much your thoughts and words have meant to me. That’s the last you’ll see of my wound, and of course, the only way is up.”

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