XSR Binoculars 8 × 42

Taking their experience from eyewear, Fortis have designed what they feel is the ultimate set of angling binoculars.

The XSR Binoculars have been built with clarity, durability and weight at the forefront of their development. They are a vital piece of any anglers armoury, and offer pin sharp vision. They are rated at eight times magnification which may not sound a lot, but this is perfect for hand held use. They will be more than adequate to see bubbling fish at 50 yards for instance, or a subtle show out in the distance. 42mm diameter lenses mean the XSRs let enough light in for use at both dawn and dusk. The chamber is filled with nitrogen to prevent fogging in changeable weather and each pair of Binoculars are 100% waterproof. The new XSR Binoculars will be priced at £99.99 and are certainly worth every penny!

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