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Three top fisheries release details of ticket availability

February is always a quiet month for carp anglers. The weather is often freezing cold and very few carp grace the bank. As such, many anglers use the time to look for venues for the season ahead, and this week we heard of three top waters where you’ll find some exceptional fishing on offer.

The amazing Myths Pool in Stock, Essex, has revealed they still have a limited number of syndicate tickets available, starting in April 2018. The fishery announced its transition from day-ticket to syndicate at the start of this year after a decision by the management. It was only a few weeks ago that the relatively new fishery produced its first ever fifty, when Flowers was banked at an incredible 52½lb by Ben Andrews. Aside from the big girl, there is a forty, several thirties and plenty of twenties that are piling on weight year on year. At just under three acres you are never too far from the fish in any of the lake’s eight purpose-built swims. Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £350, which is incredibly cheap for a UK 50-pounder, and anyone who is interested should call the fishery on 07931 966449.

Further north, in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, the high class Nuddock Wood Syndicate announced it has several last minute places available. Very little comes close to Nuddock Wood in terms of luxury; perfectly manicured grounds, electricity points in every swim and a lakeside WIFI network! Stock wise, the fishery has a good amount of thirties plus a couple which break the 40lb barrier at the right time of year. Considering it is in the north of the country, and the facilities on offer, it is hard to ignore. If you are interested in a ticket, then call the fishery on 07748 186235.

Moving across to Yorkshire, it is safe to say the county isn’t blessed with many huge carp, and those that do exist are often located in dead man’s shoes syndicates. Eric’s Willows is without doubt, Yorkshire’s premier carp fishery that is open for anyone to fish on a lifetime membership scheme. Following a recent stocking though, it was announced this week that the gates would be shutting until Easter weekend 2018.

Having had reduced angling pressure over the last few months, the fishery will reopen on March 30th 2018. The opening weekend has been put out to auction on the fishery’s Facebook page. Budding anglers can bid for specific pegs on the 20-acre venue, with all proceeds going to The Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract. Having been closed for so long, and the stock being bolstered by some brand new fish is bound to make this a popular auction. In fact, at the time of going to print, every peg had received a bid of £100 or more! This opening weekend is arguably the best time of year to fish Willows, with the real potential to produce a Yorkshire record in the process. As an added bonus, the winning bidders will be allowed access to the fishery the week before angling commences. Anglers will be allowed to pre-bait their swims and use the on-site boats to locate spots to fish. Once the opening weekend is over, the winning anglers can choose to stay on the lake in their swim before the old booking system is reinstated. The auction ends on Monday 26th February, and is open to existing members only.

Myths Pool isn’t huge, but it has a fantastic stock of UK-bred fish
The new Myths Pool record, Flowers at 52½lb landed by Ben Andrews
The swims at Nuddock Wood are luxurious

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