Trakker Sanctuary Oval Crib

During a recent visit to Trakker HQ the new Sanctuary Oval Crib really caught my eye.

This practical unhooking station has clearly had a lot of thought put into it and would certainly be suited to the biggest UK carp. The high-sided cradle features a 90mm-thick, padded base that has been made over sized so that it pushes out the side walls, thus preventing them sagging inwards and potentially creating a means of escape for your catch. The padded base also features a fish retaining shroud that can be velcroed around the outer edge. The fact this is attached to the base and not the top of the side walls means it won’t contribute to the deformation of the upright sides. All the internal surfaces are covered with a fish-friendly, easy-clean lining. Under the padded mat is a large draining panel and there are further draining panels at either end of the Crib to further aid draining of excess water. Externally the mat is constructed with a heavy duty, hard-wearing material that will withstand the rigours of constantly being shifted about over gravel banks, as well as being exposed to the elements for long periods. Around the outer edge you will also find a pocket for medical aids and treatments, two large carry straps, and four handy pegging points – useful if you are toughing it out in windy conditions in an exposed area. The Sanctuary Oval Crib folds down relatively compact into its own carry bag. This impressive unhooking station retails at £99.99.

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