Trakker Products Pureflo Bait Filter System

This new Pureflo Bait Filter System from Trakker Products is such a simple idea, it’s easy to overlook it and think, “Yeah, it’s just a bait sieve.”

After having the chance to test one I agree it really is a simple idea, and that’s what makes it so good. Designed to fit perfectly inside a 17l Olive Square Container, this simple addition allows you to separate your bait from any excess liquids in a second and once you are done just drop them back in again. This makes the Pureflo Bait Filter System ideal for those who like to use washed out baits or particles. Using this System makes it so much easier to bait up, open your bucket, lift out the Filter System, turn it through 90 degrees and rest it back on top of the bucket. This allows any excess liquids to drain away through the slotted base, leaving just the bait ready to be dispatched into the lake.

The plastics used for the Pureflo Bait Filter System and Trakker 17l Olive Square Container are suitable for freezing, so they are great for throwing into the deep freeze at the end of your session. The Pureflo Bait Filter System retails at £15.99, and if you don’t already have a 17l Olive Square Container, they retail at £8.99.

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