Trakker Armolife Compact BBQ

For a lot of anglers, time on the bank is as much about the social occasion as it is catching, and what could be more social than cranking up the barbecue along with a couple of ice-cold drinks.

Trakker obviously realise this and aim to cater for these people with this very clever, lightweight and foldable Compact BBQ. Easy to assemble, the bucket design makes it easy to manage hot coals safely, and once lit you know there’s no risk of setting nearby vegetation on fire. The well fitting griddle sits perfectly on top of the bucket providing a stable cooking area perfect for half a dozen kebab skewers. It packs down flat into its own supplied carry bag. The whole unit weighs just 1800g and measures 32cm x 25cm x 2cm when folded away. The only problem with the Armolife Compact BBQ is once the smell of Cajun-spiced drumsticks starts drifting down the lake you’re soon going to find half a dozen hungry carpers salivating at the back of your swim. You can become the envy of the lake for just £24.99.

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