Thinking Anglers Camo Cool Bag

A “no-brainer” was how Steve Fantauzzi described the decision by his company, Thinking Anglers, to launch a range of camo luggage. Let’s face it, we all like some of our luggage to look like it’s come from the army surplus store, and as someone said once, it’s carpy!

This new line of Thinking Anglers gear is excellent, too. Steve decided to launch eight pieces from his range (Cool Bag, Rucksack, Slim Quiver, Reel Pouches, Tackle Pouch, Gas Canister Pouch, Elastic Tip Tops and a clear front Zip Bag) in the new colour following the huge success of his standard luggage range. He told Carp-Talk: “Everyone loves a bit of camo. We never really liked the sand colour in most camo prints, so we thought we could do our own. Our standard luggage range went down so well and it was a no-brainer to do the winners from that range in a camo version. Like any good company, we always take note of what people say.”

As well as being very striking with a subtle difference in the colour, the Camo Cool Bag is packed with clever features. It has a foil-lined inner with elastic straps on the side to stop items falling over and it is just big enough to house a standing two-pint carton of milk. The bag also has mesh pockets on either side for storage, while the front pocket has plenty of loops to place items like a spoon, knife and fork. The exact specifications are: L 33cm; W 23cm; D 27cm. The Thinking Anglers Camo Cool Bag retails at £32.99 and is sure to go down a storm in its new carpy look.

Go to to see all the other items in the luggage range.

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