Terry Hearn Leaves Dynamite Baits & Moves to Sticky Baits

Here is what Terry Hearn had to say:-

After twenty plus years with Dynamite I’ve decided to take on a new bait arrangement. Dynamite have always looked after me exceptionally well, providing great bait and regularly driving all the way down south to drop it off and to pop in for a brew. Lovely people at a lovely company, and I’ll always look upon my time there with great fondness.
However, there comes a time when a decision needs to be made, and I’ve been given an offer that I think suits me well, one focused on steering carp fishing in the right direction with a strong emphasis on nature and the environment, something I’m very passionate about. Most exciting will be the new venues and contacts I’ll have at my disposal, something I’ve started to struggle with in recent times. I’m also looking forward to fishing with a couple of my old buddies again, something else which has been missing for some years.
All that’s left is for me to thank Dynamite for all the years in their care, and for everything they’ve done for me. Big love.


However Terry’s departure at Dynamite Baits will not affect the recipes or quality of the baits he helped to develop, they will continue to be some of the leading Carp baits available and keep catching 1000’s of fish each year.

Terry Hearn will be  now be joining Sticky Baits!

Although ‘Tel’ needs no introduction, he is the most gifted angler of his generation, whose passion and appreciation of carp fishing has inspired and shaped so many anglers over the years.
“Proper over the moon to be joining Sticky, a company that already has a solid reputation for top quality bait and a team of anglers second to none. Exciting times ahead, now let’s go get em!!!”
Terry Hearn
Tom Anderson from Sticky Baits is over the moon.
“Making this announcement means more to me personally than it is possible to convey in words alone. I first met Terry some 18/19 years ago when I found myself fishing on the same Berkshire pit as him. I was a young keen angler in my early 20’s (I’m quite sure I annoyed the hell out of him) but it was impossible not to be inspired by how he conducted himself and the love he had for our sport! His passion and storytelling were the same face-to- face as it is on his recent films that everyone has had the pleasure of seeing. In this modern social media driven age of Carp fishing, I feel that our connection to nature and the reason that we all started fishing has been lost in the interest of commercial gain. I can honestly say that I would not be in the position I am now in the angling industry without the inspiration that Terry gave to me in those early days and now to be able to work with him to promote angling in the right way has left me understandably excited……”
We hope to see more from Terry at Sticky Baits as their video blogs would be more suited for his style. Will he be joining Thinking Anglers next? what are your thoughts?
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