Sufix Duraflex

Time and time again I’ve heard the phrase ‘next generation monofilament’ only to be disappointed by the samples I have been sent, this latest offering from Sufix however has really impressed me so far.

With most fishing lines as you improve one characteristic, another one suffers, and as such there are few lines that can really claim to have high knot strength, linear strength, low diameter, abrasion resistance, minimal stretch and low memory. DuraFlex is different, thanks to the exclusive NX Nano Resin formula, Sufix have been able to create a monofilament that excels in all departments. This combined with their precision winding means every spool is delivered in perfect condition free from imperfections. The soft, supple nature of DuraFlex means that it flows freely from the spool on the cast and because it has so little memory it doesn’t clatter through the rings as it goes. Should you see any kinks or such like, a gentle pull of the line will have it perfectly straight again in no time.

Available in a wide range of breaking strains from 0.14mm/5.3lb to 0.45mm/40.1lb, I have been using the 0.25mm and 0.35 versions which boast 15.4lb and 28.6lb breaking strains respectively, and cannot find fault with them so far. DuraFlex comes supplied on 150m, 300m and 100m spools.

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